Why we chose flaxseed over other fillings for our luxurious wraps!

Why we chose flaxseed over other fillings for our luxurious wraps!


There's a wide variety of grains and seeds used and we needed to know what was the best…. So we ordered a large variety of heat bags with all different fillings and also researched into all options.

Here is a small list of just some of the options out there

Rice, Oats, Wheat, whole dried corn, barley, dried whole peas, buckwheat, Clay beads, crushed walnut shells, dried beans and of course flaxseed our favourite!

After sampling all of the above we began to appreciate the texture the different fillings gave to the heat wrap.

“Flaxseed Won”

Next step was what retains the heat best? Also what type of heat it released… it really surprised us of the different type of heat they each delivered. Flaxseed gives off a moist heat which upon further research is more effective at targeting pain…. Heres what I found

Moist heat is more effective than dry heat in providing deeper relief to the muscles. Patients often report greater relief of symptoms from moist heat compared to dry heat. Moist heat can speed recovery by increasing blood flow to the targeted area. This increased circulation brings in fresh blood which speeds up recovery of sore fatigued muscles.

Flaxseed also retained its heat far longer than any other filling

We found Flaxseed by far won in all factors there really was no negative points to consider!

Flaxseed definitely held onto the temperature the best which we thought was a massive plus :)

Speaking of holding onto the heat please note that depending on where it is that you live and your climate will ultimately effect how long your wrap will stay hot/warm? For example if your living somewhere cold your wrap will cool down quicker than someone living in a warmer climate…

Like if you microwave your dinner on a summer day and winter day it will cool down at a different rate ”makes sense huh”

In saying that we have found that the wrap will stay hot for 10-20 mins and warm for 20-40 mins before needing to reheat again, but this will vary depending on your climate.

Also flaxseed is effective as a cooling wrap, so if you feel your body requires a cool therapy pop your wrap in a lock type bag and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

We just couldn’t use anything else but Flaxseed!

We use flaxseed because it the best and delivers the best result :) ENJOY!

Please note - ALWAYS put your wrap on a clean plate before putting in the microwave to avoid burning your amazing wrap. Also there is no need to put water in microwave with your wrap! Just the wrap on a clean plate is it!

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